At Ballard, “Safety” is more than just a word, a policy, a checklist, or a set of rules to be followed.  It is a culture, and we build safety into every task we perform; from initial planning to final closeout.

Our Goal

We strive to achieve an incident-free workplace through utilization of innovative safety tools and methods.

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to protecting the safety and health of every employee while providing the highest quality service attainable.  We are committed to maintaining a healthy balance between safety and production so employees can perform their work effectively without compromising their personal safety or that of others.

Our Workforce

We entrust every employee with a basic responsibility to protect themselves and their co-workers.  Every employee is given the authority to stop unsafe work, correct hazards, and report without fear of reprisal.  Likewise, every employee has the same safety responsibility regardless of their position or seniority and will be held accountable for their actions.

We believe that each employee plays an integral role in the overall success or failure of our safety management system and encourage every employee to make a commitment to continuously improving the safety and health of their workplace.

Our Programs

We maintain an employee-led safety program supplemented by in house and third party audits and program-effectiveness evaluations.  Annual reviews are conducted utilizing collected data, including employee feedback and suggestions.  Our policies are compliant with third party pre-qualification services such as ISN, Avetta (PICs), and BROWZ.

Ballard uses a Safety Excellence/Hazard Observation system for employees to report, confidentially, observations at the job site, in the shop or in the office. This is yet another tool that we employ to mitigate hazards and encourage every day employee involvement.

Ballard Marine Construction is proud to be a drug free business.  All employees are subject to drug and alcohol screening in accordance with applicable laws and bargaining agreements.

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