Ballard Marine Construction specializes in underwater and marine construction. Due to the nature of our work we are constantly working within the fragile ecosystems of our planet. Ballard recognizes the value of these systems and the associated natural resources contained within. We take responsibility for the environmental impacts associated with our work both locally and abroad. Therefore, Ballard is committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment. Company decision making is guided by the goals of increasing environmental benefits and reducing or eliminating negative environmental impacts in all aspects of the company’s activities, while maintaining the company’s fiscal integrity.

 To achieve these goals, Ballard Marine Construction is committed to:

  • Conserving natural resources through eco-efficient management strategies, performance metrics and continuous improvement focused in key areas that are important to our long-term business success: energy and water use, waste generation and recycling, sustainable packaging, sustainable agriculture, and supply chain optimization.
  • Recognizing that climate change is a serious issue that demands attention and action from the business community.
  • Conducting our operations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and to engaging with industry and public stakeholders to develop responsible standards and voluntary initiatives that support this policy.
  • Striving for an injury-free workplace through a strong health and safety program supported by high employee engagement. We train our employees to conduct their activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Expecting our suppliers to adhere to the applicable environmental laws of the countries, regions and cities in which they operate. We encourage our suppliers to surpass baseline requirements where possible to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.