International Submarine Cable Support

Customer: Caldwell Marine

Ballard Marine Construction Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) pilots successfully supported installation of 87,500 meters (54.4 miles) of high voltage submarine power cable in Vancouver British Columbia.  The $295 million VITR project replaces an aging 135 kV transmission cable with a new 600 MW-242 kV system, providing Vancouver Island and the Southern Gulf Islands with safe, reliable energy to meet the regions expanding population.  International support work included marine route survey operations, cable route engineering, as the cable was deployed via the prime contractors International Dynamic Positioning (DP-II) cable lay barge.  Ballard utilized ROV touchdown techniques throughout the project for monitoring specialized low-impact submarine cable deployment in various environmentally sensitive Eel Grass (Zostera Marina) beds.

Project Highlights:

  • International work (LMO’s, work permits, Canadian Transportation Board)
  • Mobilized personnel, vessels, multiple Ballard ROV’s and survey equipment
  • Surveyed over 50 miles of high voltage submarine cable
  • Mapped areas of open span for future scour control and support studies
  • 100% touchdown survey with ROV’s
  • Pre and post surveys