Environmental – Diver Dredging

Boeing Company / Duwamish Waterway

Environmental Excellence Award for Environmental Dredging
First Prize was presented to the Project Team for Boeing’s Plant 2 Sediment Remediation and Urban Waterway Restoration at the Duwamish Waterway in Seattle, Washington. The Project Team members were comprised of The Boeing Company, Amec Foster Wheeler, Dalton, Olmsted & Fuglevand, Inc. (DOF), Envirocon, Inc., Quigg Bros., Inc., Ballard Marine Construction and Waste Management
Upon receiving the award, a spokesman for the project said the WODA award was a special honor because, “This is probably the one group who would recognize how significant this project was.”
He noted that the project combined four different types of projects together and was a significant project to permit and added: “Just this past month we did our first biological sampling of the habitat area and in this abatement that we create we found over 600 juvenile fish and 300 of them were native salmon . . . We’ve been able to clean up the habitat, redevelop the Boeing property, and create a habitat that is really successful.”