Concrete Intake Demolition

Hebgen Dam, MT

 Concrete Intake Structure Demolition – Hebgen Dam

Ballard Marine Construction mobilized surface supplied diving, rock breaking, underwater burning and welding, underwater concrete cutting saws and diamond wire cutting equipment to support the retrofit of the Hebgen Dam concrete intake structure. Ballard’s scope was to demolish a large portion of the existing structure both topside and in the water.

Work included:

  • Diving in up to 80ft (24m) of water
  • Concrete demo using diamond wire cutting
  • Concrete demo using underwater breakers, rock splitters and diamond chainsaws
  • Core drilling to run wire and rigging points
  • Forming and placement of grout and concrete
  • Assist pile driving contractor by setting sheet pile underwater
  • Dredging and airlifting
  • ROV inspection of trash racks