Cruise Ship Anchor Recovery

Customer: Major Cruise Ship Line


Ballard Marine Construction was mobilized a mixed gas fly-away dive spread to Sitka, Alaska to locate and recover an anchor and chain.  The anchor and chain had a value in excess of $500,000, and it was a time sensitive mission.  The water depth was over 250’ with only rough coordinates of the anchor.  Though other contracted search teams had spent the previous six weeks searching, the Ballard team located the anchor and chain within 48 hours of arriving on site.   

Dive crews marked the items for recovery. 

The combined weight of the anchor and chain was higher than the barge that barge on site was rated for and rather than mobilizing another crane barge we elected to take advantage of the current schedule of the cruise line and the vessel that had lost the set.  Ballard was able to engineer an onsite solution using a staged lift approach so that the crane never had the full weight of the anchor or chain at one time.  The following day the cruise ship was able to pick up the anchor and chain with little interruption to its regular stop.