Pile Restoration

United States Navy

Owner – United States Navy

Utilizing a four man commercial dive team, Ballard team members were involved in a four part pile repair project.

Cleaning and marine growth removal was performed with both hydraulic tooling and high pressure water blasters to remove damaged concrete and roughen existing pile to a 1/8” depth.

The base clamp and jacket installation followed.  A two part base clamp was fastened to a fixed position on the pile.  Some piles required dredging two feet below the mud-line for clamp placement.  Rebar cage was lowered to the base clamp and the form-work was performed using prefabricated jackets for each pile size.

Following the clamp and jacket installation was the cementitious grout.  Approved grout was pumped up to 150’ and Ballard divers controlled the flow of the grout with a pneumatic cut off sleeve.  Trowel grade epoxy was used to construct a beveled cap at top of repair.

The final stage was the Type 3 Pile Repair.  Patching of remaining small spalled areas, divers placed epoxy patch by hand.  The epoxy was molded to be neat and uniform in appearance.