Intake Structure Removal and Replacement


Owner: Agricultural / Farming

Ballard Marine Construction was contracted to remove and install an intake structure for an agricultural business. Prior to installation, demolition of the existing structure took place. Ballard crews set up barges on location and utilized marine salvage techniques to properly remove the antiquated intake system in one large piece, substantially saving in water time for divers.
Once removal was completed, confined space commercial divers inspected the internal portions of the pipe to 500ft (152m). During this inspection process they were able to also pressure wash said area. Upon completion the divers relocated onto the shore and conducted land-based pump removal and swam inside the 36” vertical pump can for a visual inspection and cleaning. While the pump can was being inspected, 1100 cubic yards of material was dredged in order to make space for the new intake structure. The new intake structure was installed in three pieces. Crews also installed the air burst system for all 23 screens. The weight of the intake structure was roughly 80,000 lb (36,288 kg) divers slid parts of the structure over three driven piles and once leveled, burned and pinned the structure to piles.