New York City Harbor Siphon

Hurricane "Superstorm Sandy"

Project: Harbor Siphon Tunnel – New York

Customer: Tully / OHL JV

  • Work Summary:

The undersea segmentally lined tunnel completed a drive from Brooklyn and Staten Island, replacing two existing shallow water lines below the bay.  Just two months after launch, in October 2012, the unexpected happened.  A massive hurricane, dubbed Superstorm Sandy, struck the US eastern seaboard.  Extreme flooding at the waterfront jobsite flooded the tunnel with seawater.  All equipment was on site was refurbished and with superior leadership from the J/V, the project went on to be a success.

Ballard was brought in early, providing hyperbaric related consultations and preparing all personal for interventions in addition to complete set up of the chambers on site.  Our team stood down during the rebuilding of the site following the storm, and contributed to the rebuild of the TBM in the form of compressed air interventions.  Additional maintenance interventions occurred until the projects successful completion.

  • Project Notables:
    • Developed project specific hyperbaric operations manual
    • Assisted in acquisition of necessary OSHA variances
    • Evaluation, setup and integration of equipment into TBM systems
    • Provided on call compressed air workers for interventions