Seattle Waterfront Pier

Pile Wrap and Anode Installation

Owner: King County / Pier 66 & 69

Working in the heavy traffic of the Seattle waterfront Ballard Marine Construction performed preventative maintenance and repairs to Piers 66 & 69.  This included the installation of 416 DENSO 20″ and 24″ Wrap Protection Systems and 392 lf. of the 20″ and 24″ Wrap Protection System Extensions as well as the installation of 240 new anodes.  Piles were prepped by removing weld spatter, sharp points, edges and removal of any marine growth or rust prior to the installation.  The piles were primed per manufacturer requirements and mastics were used to fill in any cavities or other voids over 1/6″ deep before petrolatum tape was applied.  Once complete the pile wraps were placed around the prepared piles.  240 aluminum galvanic anodes ranging from 150 lbs. to 480 lbs. each were attached using AWS D3.6M welding standard.  Ongoing challenges on the project included tidal fluctuations were compensated by top side crews performing as much preparatory work as possible top side complimenting the Commercial Divers efforts underwater.