Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel

Fraser River - Canada

Project Name: Port Mann Tunnel – Fraser River – Canada

Customer: McNalley Corporation


  • Work Summary:

A replacement water supply tunnel in Vancouver, British Columbia was constructed through soil, deep underneath the riverbed. It crosses between Maquabeak Park in Coquitlam on the north side of the river, and Surrey on the south side of the river.

The 1000m long tunnel is the first TBM-tunneled crossing of the Fraser River, and with EPB pressures of up to 6 bar, was one of the higher-pressure tunnels seen to date in North America.

Ballard Marine Construction’s hyperbaric team was brought in early on this project.  Support work initially involved consultation on saturation design and how to perform the project in the most efficient way possible.   In addition to maintaining an active Ballard owned 10-man saturation system specifically designed for tunnel support, we aided the project with commercial divers in shaft construction.

  • Project Notables:
    • Developed project specific hyperbaric saturation operations manual
    • Commercial divers in support of shaft build