Concrete Pile Repairs

Municipal Pier

Owner – Port of Everett/ Pier 3

Ballard Marine Construction performed extensive concrete repairs to the Port of Everett, WA’s Municipal Pier 3.  Commercial divers cleaned and removed all marine growth from over 1000 linear feet of both steel can and concrete octagon piling using high pressure water and hydraulic tools.

Each pile required over 50 linear feet of repair, this included rebar cages pre-fabricated on the surface and spliced together under water.  A 1/8” translucent fiberglass form was installed on each pile in segments and made water tight utilizing vertical tongue and groove closure, 1” stainless steel screws, in addition to braced horizontal and vertical 2” cargo straps.  Over 5000 – 1 ½” Nelson Studs were welded underwater to steel can pilings.  A heavy duty Ballard designed base clamp was proven to be robust, allowing crews to pump a 50’ monolithic pour with line pump pressure exceeding 2500 PSI.

Ballard acquired appropriate approvals to used an in house underwater concrete mix design that surpassed the required 28 day strength requirement of 6000 PSI recorded.  The project underwent several inspections by the ports divers with all inspections reporting quality workmanship, sound concrete placement techniques, and an outstanding finished product.

All of the work was completed in 50’ – 55’ of water breathing an enriched oxygen / air mixture (Nitrox) with a perfect safety record.