Sandy Beach Docks

Government Island State Park

Government Island State Recreation Area is located on the Columbia River northeast of Portland, Oregon and is accessible only by boat.   Winter storms had damaged the 1400 linear foot public dock that is referred to as Sandy Beach, located on the North side of the island. Multiple dock sections had become detached and were left damaged and floating in the area. Ballard Marine Construction was brought in to replace three heavily damaged sections and reconnect 15 total sections, or roughly 150 linear feet of dock. The section that had been damaged was what connected the North dock section to the South dock section, effectively making public access impossible.

Following award of the project another storm hit the area further damaging the dock and dislodged additional sections sending them down river roughly two miles. Ballard obtained a change order to broaden the scope of work to reflect replacing ten dock sections and reconnecting five additional dock sections.

Ballard mobilized a barge crane that would also carry all the new materials to the site for offloading. The repairs consisted of bolting together the dock sections, two layers of glulam beams, rub board, bumpers, and bull rails. The glulam and docks are tensioned together utilizing through rods and bolts. Installation was technical in the sense that all joints had to be overlapped and the work was performed perpendicular to the river’s strong current. Lastly, our scope consisted of repairing an aluminum gangway.  Once completed the facility was fully opened to the public as a popular vacation resource.