Regional Connector Transit Project – Los Angeles

Specialized Staffing & Equipement

Ballard Marine Construction is supporting the project via the Skanska/Traylor Regional Connector Constructors J/V,  with both personnel expertise as well as specialized assets for the movement of personnel should the use of hyperbaric services be called into play.  The Regional Connector, a 1.9-mile fully underground line, will connect the metro Gold Line, Blue Line and Expo Line and provide three new underground stations.

Metro anticipates its biggest light rail project to be completed by 2019. Running under the City’s main arteries such as Flower and 2nd streets, the rail line will change the landscape of Downtown Los Angeles. With easy and quick access to the financial district, our future generations will have shorter commutes and experience less congestion. True to its name, the Regional Connector will also connect thousands living in bedroom communities of the Inland Empire and Long Beach to jobs and entertainment in Downtown Los Angeles.