Potable Water Reservoir Leak Detection and Repair

Location:  – Powell Butte, Portland, Oregon (City of Portland)

Ballard Marine Construction was contracted to perform leak detection in a 280,000 sq. ft. (26,000 sq. m.) potable water reservoir in Portland, Oregon. Multiple commercial dive crews utilizing NITROX for long duration dives allowed our team to complete this time sensitive response in an efficient manner. Decontamination protocol was enacted prior to any diver or equipment entering the tank using a solution of sodium hydrochloride applied by spraying, submersion and sponging of divers. Diver’s completed this task using a food grade fine particulate material in a squeeze bottle and meticulously followed floor joints to mark the location of leaks and apply the approved epoxy via hand trowel into located leak areas. Cable management was of particular importance as diver’s had to navigate around the 540 pylons supporting the structure to perform the inspection and repairs.