River Cable Crossing Repair

Century Link Clackamas River Conduit Repair

Century Link has a conduit crossing along the Clackamas River adjacent to the HWY 99E bridge that had become exposed due to years of erosion and changes in river flow. This erosion placed the conduit at risk of being damaged and cutting off communication services for customers in the region.  With the approval of the Army Corp of Engineers and Oregon State Lands in place, Ballard was contracted to perform repairs and improvements to the current configuration.

Initial work involved placing 300 tons of rock armor over and around the conduit to fill the scoured areas.  The was followed by the placement of Articulating Concrete Block mats over the rock.  These mats were then covered with 200 tons of river cobble to maintain a natural river bottom.

Work was performed utilizing a portable barge platform that was assembled on site and loaded with the needed heavy equipment by the Ballard team.  Once all the mat and rock was placed the site was rehabilitated to its natural state with native plantings.