Sinking Fishing Vessel

Owner: Private / Vessel Miss Michelle

Emergency response was called for on behalf of the United States Coast Guard and in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Ecology and the U.S. Department of Interior to the report of a 58-foot fishing vessel taking on water near Grays Harbor, WA.  Five people aboard the ship were able to safely escape via a 22 foot work skiff.  All five were brought to shore by the USCG.

With reports that the vessel had a capacity to hold 1000 gallons of diesel fuel, pollution mitigation measures would also be put in place.  The vessel fuel vents were plugged and the commercial dive team methodically cut away rigging and anchor ropes that were floating with the vessel.  Once stabilized with lift bags it was rigged for towing and safely towed with a commercial tug back to port where the vessel was secured for removal and future demolition on show.

Our crew was hired by the United States Coast Guard to stabilize and recover the fishing vessel Miss Michelle. The vessel was adrift off the Grays Harbor bar. BMC salvage crews located the vessel; divers cut away the anchor and rigged it for towing. A commercial tug was brought in to support the towing. The vessel was stabilized with lift bags and towed to Aberdeen to a beach front location where the vessel was secured for removal and future demolition.