Emergency Underwater Ship Repair

Ballard Marine Construction teamed with a leading member of the American Salvage Association was put into action to perform extensive temporary repairs to a 623-foot vessel that had grounded in the fast moving Columbia River, a river that runs between Washington and Oregon.   The vessel had sustained substantial damage with flooding in multiple compartments in addition to fractures in the hull.  The largest fracture was 25′ X 5′ in addition to a boulder being lodged inside of it.  United states Coast Guard inspection teams monitored the planning and implementation of the repairs that began while the ship was anchored near the site of the grounding.  Once initial inspections were completed the vessel was moved up river to a safe docking location, yet sill in the rivers current where around the clock underwater repairs took place.

After temporary repairs were completed the ship was allowed to cross the Columbia River Bar and began its journey to Japan for final repairs.  USCG Inspections team were comfortable with the outcome and wished the vessel safe voyage across the Pacific Ocean.