Vessel Lightering – Sailboat at Dungenous Spit

Ballard Marine Construction is proud to be a BOA Contractor for the United States Coast Guard.  In this instance, Ballard team members were called for assistance to lighter fuel from a 49ft sailing vessel that had run hard aground on the Dungenous Spit near Sequim, WA.  Ballard responded with crews to lighter the vessel but were placed on standby when they arrived on scene due to adverse weather conditions on the spit.  Ballard and the USCG determined the best course of action was to delay until the following morning and attempt to lighter the vessel during better weather.  Ballard was able to arrive at the vessel and began to sting the tanks and lighter the fuel onboard.  Ballard removed a total of 130 gallons of diesel fuel from the vessel and set anchors on the vessel to the shore to mitigate any potential hazard to navigation .  Ballard will arrange for recycling of the recovered fuel.