Intake Screen Install

Butterfield WWTP / Pasco, WA

Owner:  City of Pasco, Washington / Butterfield Waste Water Treatment Plant

Ballard Marine Construction was contracted for this intake installation along the Columbia River in Eastern Washington. Ballard participated with the engineers and owner in constructability reviews prior to commencing the project. During this time Ballard performed a detailed review of engineering plans, specifications, bill of materials and prepared installation drawings including material take offs. Ballard’s expertise was used to evaluate alternate cost-effective installation methods as well as to prepare methodology for demolition, diver dredging of sediment build-up around intake and installation of the newly designed intake system. Ballard performed a variety of modeling and analyses for this project including; modeling of initial conditions, bathymetry and construction elements; flotation analysis of components including friction and drag on system; modeling of pipe stresses during installation and engineered lifting analysis of system components.

For the actual installation portion of the project, much of assembly of the pipe, eccentric reducers, and concrete anchors was performed on shore to shorten the in water construction time. Ballard deployed extensive environmental controls and dredged the existing river bottom for placement of the 32,000 lb (14500 kg) concrete pipe anchors and proceeded with the accurate installation of the 40ft (12m) pipes and anchor installation within the tight construction tolerances. Working concurrently with the marine activities Ballard performed a complete renovation of pumps, controls and the SCADA mechanical systems.