Hydropower, Locks & Dams

Ballard Marine Construction (Ballard) specialized in self-performing, heavy civil construction and rehabilitation of dams and hydroelectric facilities, and related marine projects.

Ballard has a history of providing the industry practical and cost effective solutions to modernization, upgrading, rehabilitation and repair of projects in a planned or emergency situation.  Our history of work with small projects to some of the world’s largest dam structures for both private and governments provides our customers the confidence that the job will done safely and done right.

Construction, Maintenance & Repair Services:

  • Debris and Sediment Removal
  • Concrete Repair and Leak Sealing
  • Epoxy and Chemical Grout Injection
  • Head Gate Adjustment and Repair
  • Certified Weld Repairs
  • Scour Protection and Remediation
  • Pumped or Tremie Concrete Placement
  • Erosion Control and Mitigation
  • Bulkhead, Pier and Pile Rehabilitation
  • Gate Rehabilitation and Installation
  • Boom and Barrier Installation
  • Trash Rack/Stop Log Removal and Replacement
  • Spillway Rehabilitation / Resurfacing

Low Level Outlet (LLO) Experience / Services:

  • Low Level Outlet (LLO) Inspection & Rehabilitation
  • Low Level Inlet (LLI) Inspection & Rehabilitation
  • Gate / Gate Guide Inspection & Rehabilitation (already in list, slight modification)
  • Gated Dam Outlet Inspection & Rehabilitation
  • Water Control Structure Inspection & Rehabilitation

Above and Below Water Inspection Services:

  • Mechanical and Structural Inspection
  • Scour Assessment
  • Inlet / Outlet Works, Penstock & Tunnel Inspection
  • Sonar-enhanced Inspection
  • Coating & Corrosion Inspection
  • Weld Inspection
  • Leak Detection
  • FERC Part 12 Inspection Support