Hyperbaric Services


Providing compressed air workers and related equipment for many of the largest and most complex tunnel projects around the world.  This places Ballard Marine Constructions Hyperbaric Services Division as a world leader in this fast-growing industry. Our experienced tunnel group is ready to support projects in the earliest stages of concept design to proposal stages and then provide staffing for all related positions throughout the project.

For over 40 years, we have set a standard in both dependability and most importantly safety.  You will find that our specialists can assist you in keeping costs down in many aspects of the project as well as facilitating regulatory interaction.

Highlighted Tunnel Support Services Include:

Consultation & Site Assessments

Ballard offers onsite inspections of your facilities to ensure compliance with applicable local and federal regulations as they apply. This will include developing variances for equipment, saturation storage depths, decompression tables and emergency protocols.

  • Formulating project hyperbaric manual (sir, mixed gas or saturation mode)
  • Obtaining variances for alternate tables
  • Mixed gas and saturation intervention work
  • Data analyses
  • Client liaison
  • Occupational health and safety implementation
  • Consultation on airlock system design
  • Audit/appraisal
  • Environmental controls
  • Training of contractor personnel
  • Hazard / health and safety analysis
  • TBM intervention
  • Working at altitude
  • Construction in compressed air
  • Emergency and confined space rescue

Compressed Air Interventions

Ballard provides inspection, maintenance and repair in compressed air environments. Our project managers have performed thousands of tunnel interventions around the world. Our crews are efficient and effective, allowing TBMs to do what they do best – get back to mining.

Experience means we have performed interventions at extreme pressures, utilizing standard or custom-designed exotic gas blends like Heliox and Trimix. Positions Related to Compressed Air

Interventions Include:

  • Compressed air workers
  • Manlock attendants
  • Certified welders
  • Intervention supervisors
  • Hyperbaric medics
  • Mixed gas workers
  • Intervention projects managers
  • Medical lock attendants
  • Physicians/physicians’ assistants
  • Mixed gas supervisors
  • Saturation technicians / workers
  • Hyperbaric shuttle attendants
  • Life support technicians for saturation operations
  • Saturation supervisors

Wet (Slurry) Diving Interventions

Ballard Marine Construction employs the world’s most experienced commercial divers to perform wet, slurry and Bentonite diving operations. Each are trained ADCE, journeyman level tradesman. Underwater Hyperbaric Support Services:

  • Special Bentonite dive tables
  • Jack pack / block out entry and clean-out
  • Installation of rods into lenton fittings (zero visibility)
  • Dredging / air lifting
  • Tying underwater rebar, install rebar mats for tremie plug
  • Installation of water stop injection tubing around perimeter of shaft prior to installation of tremie plug
  • Underwater video inspection of flooded shafts and tunnels
  • Sonar inspection of flooded shafts and tunnels
  • Pressure grouting, concrete placement
  • Concrete demolition
  • Erection of structural steel
  • Drilling and blasting overburden


International project experience has allowed us to develop the appropriate curriculum’s and provide the required training to tunnel hyperbaric teams and support crews. Our qualified and experienced trainers can work with your team, or local work force for project support for work up to 4 bar and under. Work above that threshold falls to the Ballard Marine Hyperbaric Services team.

Medical Support

Our Hyperbaric Division employs or will work closely with experienced supervisory personnel in addition to a full complement of qualified Compressed Air Workers, Hyperbaric Physicians, Hyperbaric Nurses, Dive Medical Technicians, and a wide variety of other specialty personnel.

Specialized TBM Hyperbaric Equipment & Related Tooling

Our team understands the unique applications of the equipment. Understanding and purchasing the correct equipment before you begin can save you costly down time when your tunnel project is underway. Our equipment is often universal to the major MTBM and TBM manufacturers of the world. Ballard Marine Construction specializes in Earth Pressure Balance (EPB), Full Face, Open Mode and Dual-Purpose projects. Highlighted Equipment and Related Tooling include:

  • Special decompression chambers (that meet tunnel industry regulatory requirements)
  • SAT (tunnel specific – saturation diving chambers)
    • 10 & 20-man tunnel specific – ready for deployment
  • Medical locks
  • Man locks
  • Shuttles with locks (darts)
  • Hydraulic tools for breaking rock and sediment removal
  • Hyperbaric welding equipment
  • Rail mounted grade D breathing air compressor package
  • Communication systems
  • HD video
  • Mixed gas integration into the TBM system
  • Compressors