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Date: January, 2015
Title: Ballard divers removing toxins in the Duwamish River
Press: Diver Dredging of the Duwamish River: Sometimes you have to get down on your hands and knees to get to the stubborn dirt hiding in your home. The same goes for cleaning up a toxic river. Gary Chittim shows how Boeing hired some divers to suck up contaminates in those hard-to-reach places.
Date: October, 2014
Title: Ballard Marine Certified as Women’s Business Enterprise
Press: Ballard Marine Construction, a Northwest based marine contractor, has been granted Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). The announcement was made by Shilo Hutton, the company’s founder and President. Ms. Hutton states that “While Ballard Marine Constructions official WBE status does not reflect a change in company management or operations, it does respond to a demand by both private and public agencies to look for an increasingly diverse workforce both in-house and among their consultants and vendors. The rigor and credibility of WBENC’s certification process relieves prospective clients of the burden of conducting their own due diligence”.
Date: September, 2014
Title: Dam Safety 2014
Press: Ballard Marine Construction is proud to be exhibiting this month at Dam Safety 2014 is one of the leading conferences in the United States dedicated to dam safety engineering and technology transfer.
Date: March, 2013
Title: World Record Tunnel Boring Machine On Its Way To Seattle
Press: Bertha, the world record 5-story-tall boring machine, is on her way to Seattle. The five-story-tall machine left Osaka, Japan, on Tuesday aboard the Jumbo Fairpartner, the 475-foot-long vessel that will carry it across the Pacific Ocean. If weather cooperates, Bertha will arrive at the Port of Seattle's Terminal 46 around April 1, 2013 *Ballard Diving & Hyperbaric Services will be performing Hyperbaric Services related to this project*
Date: February, 2013
Title: Shaft diving for the Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel, in Vancouver, Canada
Press: Work is progressing on the challenging Port Mann Main Water Supply Tunnel, in Vancouver, BC, with the recent completion of the project’s South Shaft. Operations required Ballard Diving & Hyperbaric Services’ commercial divers to descend inside the shaft and perform difficult work in challenging conditions.
Date: November, 2012
Title: Foster Dam: Divers cleaned trash racks and mapped out design plans for devices to cover water outlet pipes once the construction project gets under way, said Scott Clemans, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Press: Divers from Northwest Underwater Construction, Vancouver, Wash., spent Monday and Tuesday working along the face of Foster Dam, preparing for the development of a new Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife fish handling facility. The divers cleaned trash racks and mapped out design plans for devices to cover water outlet pipes once the construction project gets under way, said Scott Clemans, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Date: August, 2012
Title: Tsunami Dock Removed From Oregon Beach
Press: NEWPORT, Ore. – The final piece of a concrete dock that floated from Japan to an Oregon beach is on its way to be salvaged. BDS crews cut the dock, which broke free from a Japanese fishing port during last year's tsunami, into five pieces and hauled them away by truck. They worked with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to confirm that no invasive species were inside or under the 188-ton dock. Thousands of people visited the beach this week to see the dock and watch the salvage effort.
Date: July, 2012
Title: Sternwheeler Crashes into Pirate Ship and BDS team responds to inspect ship and completes temporary repairs.
Press: ST. HELENS, Ore. – A steam wheeler came close to rolling over a pirate ship at a festival in St. Helens on Friday. In the attached video, you can see the Sternwheeler Portland backing in to dock in St. Helens. But as it backs up, it knocks against a replica pirate ship docked nearby. Shuhe Hawkins was dressed in full pirate garb on his boat when the sternwheeler backed in. He had just docked his boat and was having pictures taken to celebrate its first sailing when he noticed something wasn’t right. He turned around and saw the 20 foot tall steamboat backing towards him. As the boat continued moving closer it pinched his pirate ship against the dock. The boat started taking on water and he was convinced it was going to sink. Nobody was hurt and eventually the sternwheeler started pulling forward again. Ballard Diving & Salvage crews worked on the pirate boat on Saturday to make sure it can sail after the festival ends on Sunday. The Coast Guard is investigating the collision. Hawkins said the crew on the steamboat was apologetic and that the captain felt horrible about the whole thing.
Date: June, 2012
Press: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye on April 18 launched a $250 million construction project to boost economic development in New York Harbor. The project involves digging a new water transmission main – called a siphon – between Staten Island and Brooklyn that will allow for the removal of two existing tunnels that are currently at a much shallower depth. This will enable the dredging and deepening of the Anchorage Channel, a process that is critical to accommodate increased cargo volumes and larger vessels in future years.
Date: June, 2012
Title: Seattle’s Tunnel Project Puts Construction Under Pressure
Press: At 200 feet deep, the pressure of the soil is equivalent to that of water at 165 feet deep or five times the earth’s atmosphere. At that depth, divers need to replace nitrogen with helium because the former starts to act like a narcotic, inducing a drunk-like effect. It’s also the approximate maximum depth of the massive two-mile, 57.5-foot diameter tunnel construction crews are preparing to dig through the ground beneath Seattle to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct – a project pushing the boundaries of technology while grazing the edge of extreme environments.
Total News Listings Found: 26 Result Pages: 1 | 2 | 3
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