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Project Date: 2011


BMC was charged with inspecting and the maintenance of two TBM’s. During the drive it was found that the TBM would need extensive repairs and it was unable to move further. We entered under high pressures to perform these needed repairs. Our hyperbaric teams performed over 1000 interventions, changing out disc cutters and rippers as well as making repairs to both the head and stone crusher. Utilization of the clients existing miners and mechanics into our experienced compressed air teams saved the client expenses during the repairs. Important to note that the fact that BMC was able to quickly integrate Tri-Mix Gases on site also helped the situation. Our commercial underwater dive division is one of the few in the world that keeps the required gases in stock for these uses.


The population of the Puget Sound region has more than doubled in the last 40 years and projections of the continued growth indicated that by 2010 the King County wastewater treatment system would have insufficient capacity. In November 1999, the Regional Wastewater Services Plan was approved and the process of identifying and evaluating potential sites, marine outfall zones and construction methods for a new plant began the following year.

This ultimately led in December 2003 to the selection of a site for the planned facility - known as the Route 9 site - near the city of Woodinville, with an associated conveyance pipeline along the border of King and Snohomish counties and an outfall off Point Wells. With adequate wastewater treatment widely seen as one of the key factors in regional sustainable economic development, in 2004, the Puget Sound Regional Council placed Brightwater on its top ten list of priority projects. After a comprehensive series of environmental impact assessments and an extensive programme of public consultation, this site selection was formally reaffirmed in July 2005 and preliminary work began four months later.

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