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Ships Husbandry

Superior Ships Husbandry.

Ballard Marine Construction has built a reputation for providing superior ships husbandry services going on four decades. All diving operations are conducted to local, State and Federal requirements.

You can rely on our underwater welding and repair technicians, in-house naval architects, engineers, sonar technicians and remotely operated vehicle technicians.

Emergency nationwide service 24/7/365. All systems built as fly-away units, if needed.

We offer the following services:

Class hull surveys (ABS, DNV, Lloyds, etc.)
Hull cleaning services
Three dimensional hull mapping with millimeter positioning accuracy
Propeller/wheel polishing
Rudder and stem seal repairs
Underwater video and still photography
Anode installation
Transducer replacements
Weld repairs
Marine salvage/Anchor recovery
Dry dock assist
In-house custom fabrication of cofferdams and dryboxes
Non-destructive testing/UT thickness testing
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