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Submarine Cable Support

Safe. Innovative. Cost Effective.

Ballard Marine Construction is dedicated to offering telecom, power utility and cable installation clients a full array of underwater construction, inspection and tooling services. Our technical and operational experience ensures that our customers receive safety-conscious, innovative, and cost effective solutions to their particular needs.

Our crews and equipment are available as fly-away units. Most of our systems can be mobilized and flown to the project in hours. We own and operate the West Coast’s largest fleet of ROVs with tenured pilots experienced in subcable installation and repair.

We offer the following services:

Fly-away ROVs and commercial diving services
Removal of derelict fishing gear (ROVs or diver)
Cable protection installation system
Cable route survey/lay support/locate
High pressure water blasting
Scour and erosion mapping
Sub-bottom/vibrato surveys

We offer the following systems:

Inspection class ROVs
Heavy work class ROVs
USBL tracking and positioning systems
Side-scan/imaging sonar
Inland and ocean-going fast response vessels
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