Brightwater Deep-water Marine Outfall

Owner: King County Water Wastewater District

Ballard Marine Construction ROV pilot’s utilized deep water positioning, commercial diving in addition to ROV’s provided support for the installation of twin 60” HDPE outfalls installed in 600’ of water, one of the world’s deepest municipal outfalls.  Mobilization of a heavy work class remote operated Vehicle (ROV), Ballard ROV and diver support vessels in addition to related equipment to support the prime contractor with the installation and positioning of the outfalls to the Puget Sound sea floor as well as the shoreline.  The work required close coordination with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as close monitoring of construction activities to minimize impacts to environmentally sensitive nearshore habitat and migratory fish runs.

This project ties into the Brightwater Conveyance System where the Ballard Marine Construction division also supported the 13-mile long Brightwater conveyance tunnel operations via our Tunnel Hyperbaric support services division.  The outfall portion of the project was completed 22 months ahead of schedule.