Why join ballard?

Ballard is dedicated to collaborating with our clients and engineering partners to fully understand their needs and provide highly technical innovative solutions for the most challenging infrastructure projects in the nation. Our team is comprised of industry leading personnel who strive to ensure projects are completed safely and on-time, resulting in a quality product. Ballard is committed to maintaining the family culture the business was built on by recognizing the importance of each team member.
11Career Advancement

Career Advancement

At Ballard, employees own their careers, leveraging the programs and opportunities available to them. We provide the tools and support to help individuals navigate their careers, including continuing education.


Technically Challenging

Highly respected specialty underwater and marine contractors working on some of the most unique and technically challenging jobs worldwide.



Ballard is committed to performing essential services to keep our nation’s critical infrastructure operable and safe. While being collaborative and respectful, we are a results driven company that is passionate about the work we do.

Core Attributes

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A family Culture

Ballard team members enjoy team building events outside work hours year-round. Our family-like culture is what sets Ballard apart from others – it is ranked highest amongst Ballard employees as the reason for their continued dedication and satisfaction, supporting each other beyond our careers.

Holiday Fun

Jesse (President/CEO) and Shilo (Executive VP/CAO) Hutton, at the home office holiday ugly sweater contest and potluck event.

Team Building

The Ballard team works hard and plays hard. Here, the team is having fun with some healthy axe throwing competitions.

Paint and Pinot
Ballard team members, and their spouses, enjoy a paint and pinot event with a Ballard project as the featured artwork.
Flannel Fridays
During the winter months, Ballard team members enjoy Flannel Fridays.
Midwest Summer BBQ
Ballard team members enjoyed good food, water fun, games, and each other's great company during the event.
Take Your Kids To Work Day
At Ballard, we encourage STEM learning and host an interactive Take Your Kids To Work Day for our team members kids. In this photo, a live diving demonstration is taking place and kids could view the diver working in the tank, as well as join the Dive Supervisor in the trailer to see a live video feed and talk to the diver.
St. Patrick’s Day

After a St. Patrick’s Day-themed trivia contest, the team enjoyed green beverages and refreshments to celebrate the holiday.

Southeast Pride

Ballard’s Southeast Team after a team lunch.

Aloha Fridays
Similar to Flannel Fridays in the winter, Ballard shows their summer spirit with Aloha Fridays.
Safety Week Challenge

Team members show off their winning structure constructed by blindfolded team members with instructions from those that could see.

Mount Hood Scramble
Ballard’s team members annually conquer the Mt. Hood Scramble (aka The Grandfather of Filth) 5K (6-mile) race that includes hills, creeks, rock, dirt, heavy brush, and more.
Ice Cream Day
Ballard team members cooled off with some delicious ice cream cones to celebrate the infamous Ice Cream Day.
Wacky Wednesday during Spirit Week

Ballard’s regions competed in daily activities and dressed to impress on ‘Murica Monday, Team Spirit Tuesday (wear your Ballard gear), Wacky Wednesday, Color War Thursday, and Aloha Friday.

Color War during Spirit Week

The home office brought their A-game for Color War Thursday, during Spirit Week. 

Aloha Friday during Spirit Week
Fun in the sun, home office team members went all out for Aloha Friday during spirit week.
Giving Back
Every year, Ballard gives back to our community through school events, food drives, and holiday gift drives.
Midwest Team during Safety Week

During Safety Week, the Ballard team participates in safety drills, training refreshers, and connects over food and contests.

Girlfriends Fun Run
The ladies of Ballard showed their pride in representing the company in the Girlfriends Fun Run, a race for a cure.
The Fish Fry of all Fish Fries!

Jesse Hutton, President/CEO, was the master chef marinating the fish in his famous beer batter before frying them. Team members contributed sides and desserts to the fish fry potluck lunch.

Summer BBQs 

Ballard team members enjoy a BBQ lunch to celebrate the summer sunshine.

Southeast Summer BBQ
Ballard team members enjoyed good food, water fun, games, and each other's great company during the event.
Christmas Ships
Ballard team members enjoyed some wine tasting and dinner at the Mary Hill Winery accompanied by the Christmas Ships viewing.
Summer Picnic, Aloha Style
Ballard team members brought their Aloha spirit to the summer picnic, with fun backgrounds to take pictures in front of.
4th of July in the Southwest
The Southwest team enjoys a 4th of July lunch with team members families included.
Spartan Race
Ballard team members enjoy a friendly competition - so why not throw a Spartan Race into the mix. Team members and their families competed in this ultimate challenge to test their strength and agility.
Chili Potluck
Ballard team members compete in the annual Chili Cookoff where the taste testers have the ultimate decision to make – who made it best!
M&M Day
Ballard’s Employee Activity Team (BEAT) distributes M&M’s to celebrate the fun day. Which M&M flavor is your favorite?
Team Hike

Team members feeling adventurous joined Jesse Hutton, President/CEO, on a hike through the Cascades during a company-wide weekend retreat.  

Team Building

Blindfolded team members are guided to assemble a puzzle from their team during a team-building event.