Outlet Gate Replacement

PG&E - Chili Bar Dam

Dam Low Level Outlet Gate Replacement- Chili Bar Dam

Customer: PG&E

Ballard Marine Construction participated with engineering and owner in 50% and 90% specification and plan reviews to qualify this project for construction. Ballard designed the environmental control methods for temporary collection during demolition of existing hydraulic components and the overall environmental management and control plan. The construction scope of work for the project included removal of the existing hydraulic system and related equipment in addition to corroded components and the installation of the new equipment. Components replaced include the HPU, cylinder, interconnecting piping, mounting yoke and bracing for the cylinder along with the trash rack. This project required extensive environmental controls and the installation of design-build temporary containment devices during the demolition process. This was a daily cost tracking project regarding labor, materials, and equipment.  Project was completed on time with a zero accident safety record.