Project: Hyperion Outfall Inspection Contract

Customer: City of Los Angeles

Ballard Marine Construction holds a multi-contract that supplies diving, remote operated vehicle (ROV) and vessel services for the inspection of the Hyperion Wastewater Reclamation Plant outfall system.   This system consists of three (3) separate outfall structures which include the one-mile, five-mile and seven-mile outfalls.

Using state of the art ROV’s and equipment including MS 1000 & Blueview sonar systems, HD cameras, and real time ROV tracking systems, both above and below the water surface, Ballard Marine Construction is able to provide the client with HD video of the inspection, HD images of made observations or items of concern and an extensive report detailing the finding of the inspection as well as suggested recommendations.

Highlighted Work Summary:

Biological Surveys

Potential Hazard Surveys

Effluent (flow) Monitoring

Complete and thorough inspection of the outfall system, which includes, but is not limited to;

Diffuser Ports (Both standard and special)

End and Transition Structures

Main Barrels and Joints

Pylon Structures

Ballast Stone


Both air and gas diving methods are during repair services depending on where the repairs are needed. The length differences of the outfall structures creates a variety of conditions that require the variety of resources and services that Ballard Marine Construction can provide.