Ship Breaking / Twin Harbors Liberty Ships

Owner: Private Party

Two 450’ former WWII Liberty Ships were touted by media as a ‘first-of-its-kind’ salvage operation by Ballard Marine construction as an array of environmental regulations made traditional vessel disposable unfeasible. Ballard erected 3 sets of scaffolding for this project to establish safe access to the vessel and large 6’ x 6’ access holes above the cement double hull for interior access. To save cost and time precutting of each of the sections was done to the fullest extent possible before bringing in the crane operator and rigging the sections for final cutting. In just three months, Ballard crews cleared the vessels of environmental hazards and cut them into sections that were taken to a regional metal recycling facility. 8.93 million pounds of steel were removed and 25,600 gallons of bunker oil. This project was completed with accolades from both state and federal environmental agencies.