Nuclear Plant Essential Water Pipe Installation

Project Description: Ballard conducted turnkey underwater and marine construction operations at the nuclear facility to support the safety related project of extending new stainless steel pipes into the adjacent reservoir. The purpose of this system was to draw colder water from a deeper point in the reservoir. The main tasks was underwater/marine installation of (2) 24″ diameter stainless steel discharge pipes. Scope included:

  • Furnished and installed boom barriers, silt curtains, and turbidity control devices.
  • Remote assembly of multiple crane/excavator barges.
  • GPS controlled dredging operations with multiple long reach excavators removing approximately 8000cy of material.
  • Materials handling and disposal
  • Rock removal utilizing rock drilling, splitting, diamond wire sawing, and an excavator mounted Hoe Ram.
  • Rock removal and dredging quality control verified using BMC side scan sonar
  • Custom Pipe Installation System: Design, fabrication and utilization of pipe flotation system including 1200 l/f of frames utilizing custom weighed or ultrasonically tested components to ensure design buoyancy.
  • Installation of 24” stainless steel pipe in reservoir
  • Placement of over 3,500 yards of rock rip rap and 3,600 yards of concrete