Ballard provides the complete marine construction package and perform all of our work with strict adherence to safety standards that exceed industry standards.  The Ballard team reduces client downtime though periodic inspection and preventative maintenance programs on structures such as traveling water screens, waste water treatment facilities, settling and scalping basins and deep underground water transfer tunnels.  Our hazardous waste, hot water diving systems allow our divers to work in water temperatures above 100 degrees for extended periods of time while still maintaining a safe barrier from the external liquid environment.

  • Access of Confined Spaces for Inspection and Repair
  • Dredging and Silt Removal
  • Waste Water System Maintenance and Repair
  • Pump House Maintenance and Repair
  • Traveling Screen Repairs
  • Invasive Species Remediation
  • Hazardous Waste Diving
  • Trash Rack Repair and Cleaning
  • Intake Crib Inspection, Construction and Repair
  • Pipeline Inspection, Repair and Construction
  • Certified Underwater and Topside Welding