Terminal 5 Rehabilitation

The Port of Portland’s Terminal 5 Berth 503 piles rehabilitation project included eighty-nine round (thirty-six-inch and forty-two-inch diameter piles) steel and hollow, octagonal-shaped, prestressed concrete (twenty-four-inch) piles.

Scope of Work
The pier had a combination of a twenty-four-inch hexagonal concrete plum pile and a thirty-six metal batter round pile. The concrete pile had spalling with exposed rebar damage and the metal pile had large amounts of scaling.

Innovative Solutions
Ballard used a number system to classify the severity of each repair. The concrete pile had repairs varying from crack injection, spall repair, concrete reinforced rebar jackets with enclosed sacrificial zinc anodes, and epoxy-filled fiberglass jackets. The metal pile had petroleum-based wraps with HDPE jackets installed, as well as epoxy-filled fiberglass jackets.

Ballard was able to supply efficient means and methods to prolong the life of the facility while minimizing operational impacts on the Port.

Client: Port of Portland
Location: Portland, OR
Diver Depth: 10ft


• Cathodic protection
• Concrete repairs
• Petrolatum based pile wrap
• Underwater grout pour
• Zinc anodes